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Pump Up Your Book Promotion’s December Authors on Virtual Book Tour – Day 12

Posted by admin on December 16, 2008

Welcome to Day Twelve of Pump Up Your Book Promotion’s December Authors on Virtual BookTour! Follow along as these talented authors travel the blogosphere all month long to talk about their books, their lives and their future projects. Leave a comment at their blog stops and you could win a FREE virtual book tour if you’re a published author with a recent release or a $50 Amazon gift certificate if you are not published. So, pick your favorites, follow their tours, and make sure you leave them a note to tell them you stopped by!


when-life-stinksKelly Epperson, author of the humor book, WHEN LIFE STINKS IT’S TIME TO WASH THE GYM CLOTHES, will be stopping off at As the Pages Turn! When Life Stinks, It’s Time to Wash the Gym Clothes is a collection of her newspaper columns and no topic is taboo. From the “Job Hazards of Parenting” to “Mysteries of IQ Testing Revealed” to “The Scary, Hairy French Doctor,” you’ll share a hearty laugh as Kelly’s conversational style makes you feel you are a part of the happenings. She also grabs your heart with poignant tales of walking the D-day landing beaches, Grandma O, and her reflections as the days in France come to a close.


the-devil-can-waitMarta Stephens, author of the crime mystery suspense novel, THE DEVIL CAN WAIT, will be stopping off at Armchair Reviews, A Year of Gratitude and Joanna Slan Blog! The city of Chandler, Massachusetts is plunged into terror when the bodies of three local teenagers wash ashore. While homicide detective Sam Harper hunts down the guilty, a sinister plot emerges overseas. From the Vatican to the jungles of South America, a cursed black pearl ring, the demonic prophecy it represents, and the men who pursue its powers find their unfortunate way onto Harper’s turf.


forces-of-nature1Marilyn Celeste Morris, author of the fictional novel, FORCES OF NATURE, will be stopping off at The Plot! What would happen when a bomber from the nearby Air Force base is flung by a fierce tornado into the county’s largest shopping mall? Begin the day with the mall manager, his assistant, the security officer and Howard the Weatherman, whose predictions are always uncannily accurate, and in this case, deadly.


born-liberal-raised-rightReb Bradley, author of the political book, BORN LIBERAL RAISED RIGHT, will be stopping off at Scribe Vibe ! Undisciplined, self-worshiping kids grow into liberals driven by the same narcissistic, overemotional “I-want-it-now” worldview they had as toddlers, with the results we see today. As Born Liberal, Raised Right proves, these are just the kinds of delusions that our nation can no longer afford to indulge.


bleach-l-blackoutDavid S. Grant, author of the literary fiction dual novel, BLEACH l BLACKOUT, will be stopping off at The 1st Page! Fans of fluffy romance novels and that all-too-familiar, over-hyped, edge-of-the-seat crap should steer clear. This is life at its most jaded. Offense Mechanisms is proud to present Bleach | Blackout by David S. Grant, two novels about drugs, sex, revenge, the corporate crunch, and the inevitable unpleasantness of life and death.


the-book-of-namesD. Barkley Briggs, author of the young adult novel, THE BOOK OF NAMES, will be stopping off at If Books could Talk! It was supposed to be a routine Thanksgiving break. But when Hadyn and Ewan Barlow discover an ancient Viking runestone buried on their family farm, they unwittingly open a magical portal to another world. Fleeing grief and broken dreams over the loss of their mother, the two brothers find themselves hailed as Champions in the Kingdom of Karac Tor. But all is not well. Nemesia the witch is releasing shadows over the whole land. Names are being stolen from The Book of Names, the most sacred relic of the kingdom. Before long, the Barlows realize they must find the courage to fight, or they will never find their way home. There’s one problem: even if they win, will anyone know how to send them back?


divorcing-dwayneJ.L. Miles, author of the hilarious women’s fiction/chick lit book, DIVORCING DWAYNE, will be stopping off at Blogcritics and Long Relationships! Francine Harper’s in the Pickville Springs County Jail facing felony assault charges. Her offense? She shot at her husband, Dwayne, and his lover, Carla, after catching them together— in the very bed her daddy had carved and given to Francine and Dwayne on their wedding day. Even though she hit the bed and missed the lovers, she soon learns she’s committed a felony, and the deputy district attorney—who’s never been fond of her since she jilted his brother—is determined to prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law.


perfect-on-paperMaria Murnane, author of the romantic comedy novel, PERFECT ON PAPER, will be stopping off Cheryl’s Book Nook and Ramya’s Bookshelf! When her fiance calls off their wedding at the last minute, Waverly Bryson wonders if her life will ever turn out the way she though it would…or should. Her high-powered job in sports PR? Not so perfect. Her relationship with her dad? Far from it. Her perfect marriage? Enough said. “Perfect on Paper” is a humorous tale of Waverly’s efforts to cobble the pieces of a broken yesterday into a brand new tomorrow. What does the future have in store for her? Will she finally find what she’s looking for?


murder-on-the-down-lowPamela Samuels Young, author of the legal thriller, MURDER ON THE LOW DOWN, will be stopping off at Breeni Books! A brazen killer is targeting some of L.A.’s most prominent citizens. The victims are all quintessential family men. Well-educated. Attractive. Successful. But appearances can be deceiving. When the baffling murders are linked to a high-profile lawsuit, a tenacious female detective soon exposes a scandalous tale of lust, lies and vengeance.


dirt1Mark LaFlamme, author of the political thriller, Dirt, will be stopping off at Chocolate the Other White Meat and The Dark Phantom! A grieving man disappears with the body of his dead bride and a mad race is on to find him before he can destroy his father’s campaign for the White House. An exploration of the dark side of politics, “Dirt: An American Campaign” delivers a plot teetering on the cliff-edge of madness as one candidate tries to bury his own scandals while exposing the dirt of others.


my-splendid-concubine Lloyd Lofthouse, author of the historical fiction novel, MY SPLENDID CONCUBINE, will be stopping off at The Book Czar! Driven by a passion for his adopted country, Robert Hart became the “godfather of China’s modernism,” inspector general of China’s Customs Service, and the builder of China’s railroads, postal and telegraph systems, and schools, but his first real love is Ayaou, a young concubine.


tender-love-tender-heartSteven Verrier, author of the novel, TOUGH LOVE TENDER HEART, will be stopping off at Book Cover Lovers and Beyond the Books! Don Fisher, a 41-year-old misfit who craves love but has known little of it, lives alone on the outskirts of New York City in an apartment about the size of a squash court, where “during much of the time he was there Don could have sworn he was the ball.” Seeking a break from the northeastern cold, he catches a year-end flight to Caracas, Venezuela, where he lucks into a whirlwind encounter with Ana, a beautiful Colombian. After returning to New York, Don gets shocking news from Ana that leads to a marriage proposal and plans for Ana to join him permanently in the United States. What follows is a gripping account of the struggles this improbable couple face in dealing with the US immigration bureaucracy and in getting their relationship off the ground. Reminiscent of The Bridges of Madison County, TOUGH LOVE, TENDER HEART is a stirring, fast-flowing depiction of love trying to take root in an impossible situation, and a tale of unsurpassed relevance to our cross-cultural and post-9/11 age.


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