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Pump Up Your Book Promotion Authors on Tour – Day 9!

Posted by admin on May 13, 2008

Welcome to Day Nine of Pump Up Your Book Promotion’s May Authors on Tour! Follow along as these talented authors travel the blogosphere all month long to talk about their books, their lives and their future projects. Each author will be giving away a free copy of his or her book to one lucky person who comments at a blog during his or her tour, so pick your favorites, follow their tours, and make sure you leave them a note to tell them you stopped by!

Adina Rishe Gewirtz, author of the how to business book, How to Say It: Business Writing That Works, will be stopping off at Book Excerpts from Bestselling Authors! Adina’s book teaches struggling writers a simple, ten-step system for how to write anything from a memo to a marketing proposal, and it keeps them laughing as they learn.

Andrew Feder, author of the mystery adventure novel, The Heretic, will be stopping off at The Dark Phantom! “The Heretic” is both a thrilling mystery adventure and a powerful cultural commentary, because though Feder’s fictional war hero Aias’ religious and sexual practices would be typical today, in ancient Greece, where polytheism and homosexuality were the prominent cultural mores, he was considered an outright heretic. This thought-provoking novel whisks readers back in time with an intriguing story of war and romance, but it actually begins set in a futuristic America.

Andrew Jalbert, author of the historical fiction novel, West Across the Board, will be stopping off at The Book Stacks and Michy’s Book Reviews and Author Interviews! Based in the colorful Florida Keys, West Across the Board is an historical novel that ties together the eventful era of the 1930s with the turn of the following century.

Bonnie B. Cuzzolino, author of the delightful children’s book, Letter of Love From China, will be stopping off at Michy’s Book Reviews and Author Interviews! Bonnie’s book is about a birth mother in China who relinquishes her baby girl for adoption.

David Grant, author of the literary fiction novel, Emotionless Souls, will be stopping off at Review Your Book! Jerk offs, ex-cons, new cons, pranksters, one hit wonders, and homeless entrepreneurs are the EMOTIONLESS SOULS that populate the twenty stories in this collection by David S. Grant.

Emilio Corsetti, author of the true narrative, 35 Miles From Shore, will be stopping off at Pop Syndicate and Buzz the Book! Emilio’s book is the true story of a 1970 airliner that ditched in the Caribbean Sea and the efforts to rescue those who survived.

Heidi Hess Saxton, author of the nonfiction christian book, Behold Your Mother: Mary Stories and Reflections from a Catholic Convert, will be stopping off at Snoring Scholar and Snow’s Place! Heidi’s book is a collection of stories and reflections about Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, written from the perspective of a Catholic convert and adoptive mother who wasn’t always “wild about Mary.”

Jean Hackensmith, author of the romantic thriller, Checkmate, will be stopping off at The Book Connection! A victim of spousal abuse, Caryn’s ex-husband bound her children hand and foot, locked them in the bathroom, and set the house on fire. They managed to escape with their lives, and Dan Hamilton was sentenced to eighteen years in prison for the crime. He’s out now, though, and the rules in his sadistic game allow Caryn only twelve “moves” before she dies.

Joel Richardson is the co-author of the nonfiction current events book, Why We Left Islam, will be stopping off at The Dark Phantom! He was about to convert to Islam but pleaded, “I fear I am about to make the biggest mistake of my life. Please give me one solid reason not to convert.” This desperate cry for help from a visitor to an interfaith website inspired Joel Richardson and Susan Crimp to find that reason, but instead of one, they found many, put forward by former Muslims who dared to speak out about the oppressive religion that held them in thrall.

Karen Harrington, author of the suspense/mainstream/women’s fiction novel, Janeology, will be stopping off at The Story Behind the Book! A Texas college professor struggles to understand his wife Jane’s sudden snap and murder of their toddler son, forcing him on an exploration of her family history for clues to her unpredictable violence.

Lisa Jackson, author of romance suspense/thriller novel, Lost Souls, will be stopping off at Dear Author! Missing women, students in thrall to evil, and a fiend after blood pull Kristi Bentz into an unimaginable confrontation with death in number one New York Times best selling author Lisa Jackson’s new thriller, Lost Souls.

Michaela Riley, author of the fiction novel, Embittered Justice, will be stopping off at American Chronicle! What if everything in your life was changed because you opened a mysterious package?

R. Leigh, author of the fantasy romance novel, The Winds of Asharra, will be stopping off at The Plot! Two earth teenagers are transported to the sensual world of Asharra (a land of intelligent telepathic trees, musical dragons and evolved felines), where they embark on a journey of self-discovery as well as beginning an epic quest which will benefit all around them in this strange new world.

Tristi Pinkston, author of the LDS historical romance, Season of Sacrifice, will be stopping off at Scribbled Scraps! Tristi’s book is the dramatized true story of Benjamin Perkins, Mormon pioneer, who engineered the passage down a treacherous cliff to create the famous Utah landmark, the Hole in the Rock.

Vina St. Fran, author of the fiction novel, One Foot Outside the Door, will be stopping off at Night Owl Romance! A scorned, yet beautiful black woman finds love again after being rejected by her Iraqi-American high school sweetheart.

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